Program Overview

The program is designed to give an aspiring dancer knowledge and technical proficiency in the art of dance. This includes from beginners to advanced terminology, and versatility within the program while helping dancers to achieve their personal goals.

Class structure:

Each class is taught weekly. One hour to one hour and 30 minutes sessions every week. A variety of music is played during the classes.


Classes consist of pre-barrewarm-up, barre, center, across the floor, and reverence. Ballet class introduces students to movement and helps to set a longtime foundation and a love for dance at an early age. Grace, poise, musicality, balance, turnout, alignment, terminology, and technical proficiency are the main focuses of the class.

Jazz Classes

A energetic uptempo class that builds stamina. Jazz classes will offer foundational dance technique, strength building/stylized combinations, emphasis on musicality, focusing on memorization, connecting phrases, terminology, and quality of performance through advanced terminology.

Modern Classes (Horton and Graham Techniques)

The class is structured to explore a deeper awareness of the body through the coordination of movements. Combines balance, flexibility, terminology, and the development of fluid movement within the scope of modern dance with a ballet base.

Tap Classes

Tap class fulfills the needs of terminology, coordination, and rhythm. Intricacy, percussive, and advanced coordination skills are taught and will be gained through the program.  

Hip-Hop Dance Expression

An athletic and challenging program is for the student who likes to dance and is open to new styles and techniques. All movements are based on a wholesome family environment. Hip Hop is a learned skill that pushes the levels or coordination through percussive movements while adding your own personal style to achieve the vision of the choreography/choreographer.

Stretch and Conditioning Preparation

This class concentrates on stretching and strengthening principles for dancers to increase their range of motion and increase their cardiovascular fitness.

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